The Advantages Of Laser Hair Removal

It’s Cost Effective

By using laser hair removal, you’ll no longer need to spend money on all those regular and expensive other treatments – such as waxing, razors and depilatory creams. Up front it costs more, but over your lifetime the saving is huge.  Just imagine no more time and money spend on these kinds of procedures and the inconvenience of having to remember to do them.

Few Side Effects

Laser hair removal has few if any minor side effects and if they do occur they tend not to last very long.

No Ingrown Hairs with Laser Hair Removal

No more unsightly and painful ingrown hairs, unlike waxing, threading and epilating.  And goodbye to razor burns and irritation. Laser hair removal can even help improve those ingrown hairs.

No Waiting For Hair Growth

The wonderful thing about laser hair removal treatment is that you can have it at any stage of hair growth. You don’t even need surface hair and in fact we encourage you to shave as close to your session as possible to prevent hair scorching. This means that as you wait for your laser hair removal to work, you can remain hair-free. This is different to other hair removal techniques where you have to make sure there’s enough surface hair before going for a treatment.

Laser Hair Removal is Precise

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of laser hair removal it that it can specifically target  hairs right down to the follicle. This also means it’s better than intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment as it makes it much more suitable for treating people with darker skin tones. You also get results sooner due to the precision.

It’s Fast

The time a treatment takes is usually faster than other methods – although it does depend of course on the area being treated by laser hair removal. You are also likely to see the results within the first few weeks. And finally, once the laser hair removal treatment is complete it means no more shaving or waxing. Think of all the time that will save!

And It’s Effective

Most people get permanent hair loss with 3 to 7 sessions, so it’s also extremely successful as a removal treatment.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Upfront Expense

There’s an upfront cost for laser hair removal which can appear expensive when compared to other treatments such as waxing. However, you have to remember that in the long run you will save money. And whilst it may seem tempting to try to do-it-yourself by buying an at-home laser hair removal device, it’s always best to get professional treatment from experts who will ensure you get the results you want.

It Takes Time

Laser hair removal does not produce instant results like shaving. Hair will take a few weeks to die and fall out after treatment sessions, so you may not notice results for a while. But in the meantime you can continue to shave until it takes effect.

Potential For Short-Term Changes In Pigment

Beware that the exposure to the light can result in temporary skin colour changes, but this usually resolves very quickly.

No Tanning Before Or After Treatment

You also have to be careful before you have a laser hair removal treatment to not have a tan. This includes both a natural tan from sunlight and a fake tan from a bottle.

Not Suitable For Everyone or Everywhere

Laser hair removal is not suitable for those more vulnerable places like your eyebrows, genitals or men’s facial hair. It can also not be that useful for very fine peach fuzz hair. The people who tend to notice the best results for laser hair removal are those with darker hair against fair skin. If you have fairer hair you may need more sessions, but you will still get fantastic results.


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