Laser Hair Removal for Men



Laser Hair Removal for Men

Excessive or unsightly body hair is not a problem that only affects women. At Your Skin Clinic, we understand how embarrassing and upsetting this problem can be for men too. This is why we offer a laser hair removal system designed to remove unwanted male body hair permanently.

Laser hair removal is one of the safest, fastest and most effective ways to permanently remove unwanted hair. It is medically proven to rid you of excessive or unsightly hair for good. Whether you would prefer a smoother chest or hair removed from your back and shoulders, our treatments will ensure the smoothest results.

Guaranteed Results

Your Skin Clinic is a leading provider of laser hair removal. At Your Skin Clinic we use only the most advanced technology available in the world, using what’s called “medical-grade laser” which means we can guarantee successful results. In general, a course of 6 treatments is recommended but you will notice a significant difference after just two or three sessions

Highly Experienced Laser Therapists

At Your Skin Clinic, we specialise in laser hair removal and are our proud to employ the most experienced laser therapists in the industry whom have performed over 100,000 treatments. Each staff member is trained to the highest standards and the latest developments in the industry. What this means for you is superior results in a caring and world class environment.

Affordable Prices

At Your Skin Clinic, we offer the best prices in the industry. We believe in making laser hair removal affordable for everyone. For this reason we offer interest free payments plans over 1 year so the prices start from as little as £6 per week.

Conveniently Located Clinic and Availability

Your Skin Clinic is a leading provider of laser hair removal. We have invested in the most advanced technology and and facilities and we have greater availability than anyone else. This means no 4-6 week waiting periods. Your Skin Clinic is conveniently in Birmingham City Centre

Most Advanced Technology

At Your Skin Clinic, we use the world’s most advanced technology which means superior results for out clients. All our machines our ‘Medical Grade Lasers” which means we can guarantee your results. Medical-grade lasers mean superior results, quicker treatment times and most importantly of all – your safety. Many salons and clinics offer a less effective treatment called “IPL” which delivers inferior results and requires more sessions.

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